• Our Mission

    REcompute's goal is building digital equity, bridging the digital divide, broadening access to technology, and preventing perfectly working laptops from ending up in the landfill.

    REcompute solicits donations of older and unused laptops, then wipes and sanitizes the hard drives, and installs the Linux operating system (OS).

    Linux adds years of life to older laptops that can no longer efficiently run Windows, or its software.

    We then distribute these laptops to members of the community who might not ordinarily have access to technology.

    Why Linux? Linux is a free, open-source operating system that requires no license to install.

    A Linux installation also provides access to over 30,000 software applications, covering all disciplines in computing. These are also free, and are available from the Software Manager in the Linux OS included in all REcompute laptops.

    The Linux community also believes strongly in security and privacy. When initially configuring a Linux laptop for your use, you are not asked for any personal or private information, you are not required to create a "Linux account," and none of your information is shared by corporations.

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