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Interested in Linux for yourself?

REcompute offers a service to bring your old computer back to life

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If you have an older laptop or computer struggling to run Windows or its software, consider installing the Linux operating system on it. We can help you do that.

You can erase the hard drive and have Linux as the sole operating system, but you can also install Linux alongside Windows, in what's called a 'dual-boot' environment, where you can choose which operating system to use when you start your computer.

Whichever operating system you use, you can still access documents and files from the other OS (but not programs).

From within Linux, you can choose from thousands of free, powerful programs to install - in all disciplines of computing. Many of them as good as, if not better than, their Windows 'equivalents.'

Linux can be installed and will run well on computers with at little as 2GB RAM, although 4GB is much better, and a hard drive with about 200GB of free space is preferred.

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And by the way, what is Linux?


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