• Donors

    Donors are some of the individuals, companies and organisations who have donated laptops, and have given REcompute permission for them to be listed here.

    We, and REcompute recipients, are very grateful for their generosity. Please join them!


    Joan V.
    "Many thanks to you for offering me an opportunity to keep my relatively new laptop out of the landfill and into good hands." ~JV
    Will C.
    Sharon I.
    Laurel T.
    Carolyn K.
    Georgia A.
    Sandy W.
    Gayle T.
    Annie E.
    Sylvie K.
    Kathy M.
    Steve M.
    Mike H.
    M & M B.
    Kim S.
    Richard S.
    Diane D.
    Ruth W.
    Rob K.
    Jeannie V.
    Maria P.

    Companies and Organizations

    Farnsworth Group
    "Access to technology is imperative in today's world, and Farnsworth Group is excited to be involved with REcompute as part of our ongoing engagement with the communities we serve." ~JK, Farnsworth Group

    Lincoln Christian University


    United Way of Champaign County
    "Access to technology isn't a luxury - it is essential for our daily lives. We rely on it for work, education, healthcare, and so much more. We are happy to donate United Way's unused laptops and help bridge the digital divide in our community." ~UWCC


    American Oil Chemists' Society

    Amdocs Champaign