What we can and cannot accept

  • We can accept:

    • Laptop computers (up to 18-20 years old) that turn on and have power cords, and working screens, keyboards and touchpads
    • All-in-one (AIO) computers, such as 64-bit iMacs or Dell Optiplexes (with internal WiFi adapters), as long as they have a power cord, mouse and keyboard
    • External USB hard drives (for providing with laptops with smaller hard drives, for extra storage space)
    • USB Wi-Fi adapters
    • Wireless mice

    We cannot accept:

    • Desktop or tower computers

    • Mac laptops newer than 2015

    • Tablets, phones or Chromebooks

    • Laptops that do not turn on, or do not have power cords

    • Computer monitors

    • Physically damaged laptops, i.e., laptops with broken screens, hinges, keyboards or touchpads

Every donor will receive a receipt from Salt & Light, which will allow them to deduct the value of their donation from their taxes, as far as is permitted by law. Donors will also receive files and logs, where possible and only if requested, showing that their laptop hard drives have been deleted and sanitized to the U.S. Government's NIST 800-88 standard.

There will be a record of every laptop donated. This ensures every donated laptop is accounted for and will be donated to a family, student or community resident, and not put up for sale.

If you are kind enough to make a donation, we ask that the laptop turns on and has a power cord. We currently have little budget to make repairs or replace missing parts. PC laptops are preferred, but we can also revive older Mac laptops (2015 and earlier).

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